Well, I really, really want to …

  • Live an adventure
  • Spoil myself
  • Have fun with my family
  • Get passionate with my love
  • Travel green
  • Indulge in the LGDTB world
  • Rest. Relax. Recharge.
  • Dive in culture
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$1000 / per person
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* From Ancient Greek ἁρμονία (harmonía, “joint, union, agreement”)..


The quality of forming a pleasing and consistent whole. As in a Family.

‘Time is a game played beautifully by children.’– Heraclitus

Whether you’re biological relatives or kindred spirits, being a member of a family means feeling secure and having someone you can count on. It involves belonging, support, respect, and connectedness. Sometimes it also involves quarrels, disagreements, and tension – but nothing a lazy, sunny afternoon can’t fix. Because, above all, being a member of a family involves love.

If travel, fun, and education play a vital role in how you connect with your soul tribe, you should definitely visit Kefalonia, or Astypalaia, or Rhodes, or Athens. There’s a unique secret for family bliss in each and every one of these destinations.

But – no matter where you go and how you choose to spend your vacation with your darlings, make sure that you build new experiences together. They will only love you more for it.

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