Well, I really, really want to …

  • Live an adventure
  • Spoil myself
  • Have fun with my family
  • Get passionate with my love
  • Travel green
  • Indulge in the LGDTB world
  • Rest. Relax. Recharge.
  • Dive in culture
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$1000 / per person
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* From Ancient Greek δ́ῠνᾰμῐς (dúnamis, “power, ability, strength”), from δ́ῠνᾰμαι  (dúnamai, “I am able”).


Power. As in Adventure and pushing yourself to the limits.

‘Adventure is worthwhile.’– Aristotle

Letting the flow take you. Pursuing a new beginning, a new journey. Appreciating the beauties the world has to offer. New experiences often take some bravery and courage to get started, but, oh, the reward! Whether it’s a Jeep safari and sea kayaking in Kefalonia, a sailing adventure in Santorini, scuba diving, kite surfing, and horse riding in Mykonos, hiking in Leipsoi, and a fishing trip with local fishermen in Astypalaia, adventure offers you a feeling a freedom and ownership over your life.

There’s something strangely comforting in getting out of your comfort zone.

Let’s start creating memories. Let’s start living.

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