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Meteora. Unlike any place in the world.

By Dellawella

What is it like to fall in love with a place? For me it was love at first sight. I was seven years old; and I will never, ever, forget that moment when I saw the epic rocks rising from the flatland as if escaping the underworld.

At that age, I was very into dragons and castles (ok, I still am) and my parents decided I should experience this unbelievable scenery up close. I’m forever grateful.

I remember it took me some time to speak. I was sure there was a dragon, a big one, a scary one, living there. 100% sure. Because if there wasn’t, where else on the entire Earth could it live?

The second time I visited Meteora was in my early 20s with my boyfriend. This was when I realized that the architecture of the 24 monasteries emerging on the countless summits of the rocks truly defies logic. I was studying Art History and I was thrilled to climb endless long ladders (some of them reach over 300m up the side of the rocks) to see the UNESCO World Heritage monasteries from the inside – and then the mind-blowing view, with the valley floor shifting and changing as the sun rose and set upon it. I still wasn’t able to speak for a while.

20 years later, I’m here again; my crush for this unreal place hasn’t faded one bit. I sit alone at night, when everyone else is sleeping, and I’m watching the glow from the sky making shadows on the valley. I’m hearing nothing. Again, there’s no need to speak. At all. I find myself truly inspired by the solitude. I wonder whether my dragon is hidden somewhere.

There are no words. This is otherworldly beauty defined.