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Named Greece’s Leading Guest Experience Destination at the World Travel Awards (WTA) 2018.


Tinos is famous for many things: its beautiful church dedicated to Virgin Mary; its villages, that stand out among other Cycladic islands; its beaches, that are almost countless; its marbles, that are among the finest in the world; its gastronomy, which is faithfully following the Greek Mediterranean diet. If you’re looking for exceptional, unpretentious quality combined with delightful beauty, this is the place.

So, why Tinos?

Because, above all, it is a very, very elegant island.

The highlight:

Greek Orthodox pilgrims crawling on their knees from the port up the street to venerate the Holy Icon and worship Panayia of Tinos on August 15.

Be aware of:

The locals when they invite you for a glass of raki (strong spirit); you should never, ever refuse the invitation.

Go for:

The high end gastronomy. Go for Food Paths, a gastronomy treasure.

The secret:

In Falatados village you’ll find one of the best wines in Greece (T-OINOS)… which supplies several Michelin restaurants around the world!