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It isn’t a coincidence that most of the film ‘The Big Blue’ was shot in Amorgos – it seems like the Aegean Sea around it is truly endless.

Amorgos Chora
Amorgos Chora

The ‘Chora’ (town), which encloses the hill with its castle, is one of the most beautiful Choras in the Cyclades, and the ‘rakomelo’, a delicious, warm, mixed drink combining raki with honey, cinnamon, and clove, will make you fall in love with the island on your first day. There are countless reasons to visit Amorgos and only one not to: it will haunt you forever.

So, why Amorgos?

Because the magnetic field beneath the island makes you feel an inexplicable and tantalizing energy.

The highlight:

The 11th century monastery of Hozoviotissa, an architectural masterpiece, that looks like hanging off the cliff.

Be aware of:

The wild goats. While discovering the hidden beauties of the island and the breathtaking views, beware of the goats that lie on the middle of the road or cross it without notice!

Go for:

The village experience. Feel the vibes of the minimalistic Cycladic architecture’s old soul, connect with friendly locals, and appreciate amazing music ensembles; a rear, truly authentic experience.

The secret:

The energy of the island creates emotions… that are not always manageable.